Britons still head up the diverse range of overseas investors in Spanish property


Given all of the uncertainty that has persisted lately as to the shape of the UK’s relationship with the European Union (EU) once the former is scheduled to formally depart from the latter on 29th March, one might have expected the demand for Spanish property among British purchasers to have suffered at least slightly.

In truth, though, it seems on the basis of the latest figures that Britons remain steady at the forefront of overseas investors contemplating the many desirable homes, villas and apartments for sale in Sotogrande and other long-sought-after areas of Spain.

A market that continues to improve, thanks to both local and foreign demand

The numbers in question come from the latest report issued by the Association of Spanish Land Registrars, which revealed that house sales inscribed in the Spanish Land Registry continued their sustained upward climb during the fourth quarter of 2018. There was a 7% increase, in fact, equating to 120,199 home sales involving Spanish and overseas buyers alike.

One notable trend observable in the most recent set of figures, however, was the greater role of the aforementioned local buyers in powering such growth, compared to previous rises. Nonetheless, foreign demand still accounts for about 13% of the Spanish property market, which remains significantly up on the 4% low seen at the height of the global economic crisis in 2009.

Furthermore, a breakdown of the figures showed that Britons were still the biggest group of overseas buyers, with a 17% share. Germans were a distant second at 8%, followed by the French (7%), Belgians (6%), Swedes (5%), Italians (5%), Chinese (4%) and Dutch (3%).

What’s more is that far from declining, there was actually a 6% rise in the number of British buyers according to the new figures, while decreases were observed among many other nations’ citizens. These included a 29% fall in Swedish investors, a 16% decline in Norwegian buyers and a 15% drop in Belgian purchasers.

You only need to turn to one website for the latest listings

The British love affair with Spanish property is therefore more than surviving any turbulence that Brexit has brought thus far. If, then, you are interested in joining such buyers, you may like to know where best to look first for listings of the most recently available apartments for sale in Sotogrande.

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