Discover Sotogrande Marina – the heart of the community


Most cities, towns or communities have a ‘heart’ or central hub where many of their citizens gather from time to time. It could be a shopping centre complex, a place of natural beauty or almost anything in between. For the stunning community of Sotogrande, it’s a fully functional marina – one that attracts tourists and citizens alike time and time again.

The marina also happens to be one of the several things that lead many to search for property in Sotogrande, hence why we thought it would be beneficial to look at the marina in more detail.

Indulge in one of Sotogrande’s finest pastimes

For many, the Sotogrande area is synonymous with sport – sailing being one of the activities of choice. Should you have a boat of your own, the marina offers a selection of different sized berths to accommodate most sailing boats.

Don’t be deterred if you feel that you lack sailing skill compared to others using these berths. Many training centres are situated close to the marina and can assist with everything from basic sailing skills to advanced work and the maintenance of your sailing boat.

Sotogrande Marina provides enjoyment for everyone

Even those of you who haven’t gained your sea legs yet can still enjoy the marina. This part of Sotogrande is dotted with countless shopping opportunities, bars, restaurants, cafes and other places of leisure, with something to suit almost everyone who pays a visit.

For shopaholics, Blue Sotogrande serves as the area’s premier retail destination. Featuring a selection of high-end goods, fine dining establishments and even a hair and beauty salon, the centre represents the perfect shopping and leisure location. If you’re looking to soak up the sun as opposed to shopping 'til you drop, there are also dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants in which you can dine and drink to your heart’s content -– all on the stunning waterfront of the marina.

Whatever it is that draws you to Sotogrande, you will doubtless be anxious to find a property in this incredible part of Andalusia that represents a good match to your practical, budgetary and aesthetic requirements. To do so with ease, please don’t hesitate to contact Property Sotogrande for further assistance.