How long does it take to buy a property in Sotogrande


Understandably, given the wealth of attractions and things to do as a resident in this prestigious corner of Andalucía, you may be eager to complete your purchase of a property in Sotogrande sooner rather than later.

However, the question of exactly how long it will take for you to buy a house, apartment or villa here can be a complicated one, as it very much depends on the specific circumstances of your purchase.

What factors may affect the length of the purchase process?

One of the first things to know if you are interested in buying a property in Sotogrande, is that there is no law in Spain dictating how much time should pass between a private contract being signed and completion at the notary’s office.

So, whether the purchase process is a short or a long one will be dictated by how complex the purchase is. This means that as a general rule, it could take as short a time as three weeks to complete a Spanish property purchase, or as long a time as eight weeks or more.

The simplest purchase, for instance, would be one where there is no debt attached to the property, all of the paperwork is in order and there is already financing in place. This is precisely the kind of purchase that might only take about three to four weeks to complete.

If, however, there is slightly greater complexity to the deal, such as an architect’s certificate being required or the buyer needing to obtain a mortgage, it is more typical for the process to last between four and eight weeks. This is also how long you can expect the process to be if you are buying the property from a bank.

Finally, property purchases that take more than eight weeks to complete tend to be those where problems have arisen in the process, or where time-consuming bureaucracy is involved. You might find this is the case for you when buying a property in Sotogrande if the property hasn’t been properly registered or it forms part of inheritance or divorce proceedings.

It is vital to be realistic and mindful of potential delays

The above are just some of the circumstances that could apply when you are purchasing a property in Sotogrande, and which could serve to lengthen how long it takes for the property to become officially your own. It is therefore important to be alert to these potential factors and risks, so that you can make steps to accommodate any unexpected delays if necessary.

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