Is it safe to buy property in Sotogrande now?


We all want to feel safe when we are making major investments in our lives – and it’s fair to say that very few investments are as great as that involved in buying a property overseas.

Depending on your circumstances and where you are in the world, you might be concerned about Brexit, COVID-19, and other factors when determining whether now is the right moment to buy a property in Sotogrande.

Would entering the property market in this part of Andalucia now be a risk, or might it be a great move? Here are some of the factors to consider in making your choice.

Plenty hasn’t changed when it comes to purchasing Spanish property!

The last few years certainly feel like they have seen great turbulence and uncertainty – and in many ways, they have. But this hasn’t necessarily been reflected in the key numbers for the Spanish property market, to the degree that you might expect.

Recent statistics in relation to the Spanish property sector have actually shown an impressive comeback in sales and prices for houses, apartments and villas in this part of the world.

As for COVID-19 and Brexit specifically, again, the process of purchasing property in Sotogrande is becoming easier and easier compared to the situation of just a year ago. Spring 2020, a period of tough lockdowns across Europe, now seems a long time ago, as vaccines do their work and the continent’s property markets recover strongly.

Then, there are the things that have never truly changed, with or without the coronavirus crisis or Brexit. Being in or out of the European Union (EU), for example, does not impact on Britons’ right to buy a property in Sotogrande, as there are no rules preventing non-EU citizens from purchasing a home in Spain. And yes, Britons can still rent out any Spanish property they buy, too.

Sotogrande property is a historically safe bet – and it always will be

Another thing that certainly hasn’t altered, is the enduring appeal of Sotogrande property itself. Even during times of slowdown elsewhere – such as the late 2000s global economic crisis – Sotogrande property prices and sales have stood up well, and then continued to thrive in times of recovery, like those we are seeing now.

Whether you are most motivated to buy a property in Sotogrande for reasons of pursuing a rewarding lifestyle in a sunny, picturesque and luxurious spot, or you are purchasing for investment or to retire, you are unlikely to regret acquiring a home in this area of the Costa del Sol.

Buying a property in Sotogrande is not entirely without risk, and resources like the GOV.UK website can alert would-be investors to the latest risks to be aware of. However, purchasing a home here could also be just the first step to an immensely satisfying new life.

With our up-to-date property listings that we bring together from multiple trusted estate agents, our team at Property Sotogrande can help make your dream of owning a home here a reality.