Sales of homes in Spain increased by 13.8% in September


Anybody looking to purchase a property in Sotogrande or Spain in general will be interested to read of a pronounced rise in the number of homes that sold in Spain in the first month of autumn. This increase is equal to 30,711 transactions in total, according to data from the National Statistics Institute.

The data also showed that the region of Valencia recorded the largest number of sales per 100,000 inhabitants, with the figure reaching 123 sales per 100,000.

Overall, we are very glad to see that Andalucia stayed in the lead for home sales in September, with 6,042 transactions, with Valencia coming a close second (4,892 transactions) and Madrid an even closer third (4,252 transactions).

Extremadura was the region where home sales increased the most year-on-year (a whopping +49.2%), while La Rioja followed with a still-impressive +36.1%. The only regions to show any declines were Castilla-La Mancha (-10.3%), Navarra (-7.6%), and Asturias (-3.5%).

Some more facts and figures

September’s year-on-year increase is around 10 points less than the increase registered in August (24.2%), but it’s still impressively the 13th consecutive month of year-on-year increases in home sales.

Overall, home sales rose by 4.6% month-on-month (September over August), compared to an increase of 14.1% in September 2014.

The first 9 months of 2015 saw a 12.2% increase in home sales overall. However, transactions for new housing saw a decline of 32.2%, while second hand housing rose by 42.9%.

The majority of home sales in September, 89.9% to be precise (27,621 transactions), were free housing, while the rest (3,090 transactions) concerned protected housing.

Still not convinced?

This is just some of the evidence that shows just how thriving the Spanish housing market is. Pay particular attention to Andalucia managing to maintain the lead for home sales; clear evidence that Andalucia is a preferred area to consider when purchasing or renting a property in Spain.

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