What are the pitfalls of retiring to Sotogrande?


It might seem curious for a website showcasing the various houses, apartments, and villas for sale in Sotogrande, to suggest that it might be anything less than a brilliant idea to retire here. And of course, we will always shout loudly about what a great decision it can be to retire to this picturesque, luxurious and exclusive area of the Costa del Sol.

However, it is also true that with moving to Spain being such a long-term dream for so many people, such a dream can easily turn sour when attempts are made to turn it into reality.

So, with our tongues just slightly in cheek, here are some of the potential downsides of retiring to Sotogrande – at least if you don’t relocate here in the right way, and for the right reasons.

It won’t represent a ‘catch-all’ solution for your relationship problems

Sifting through the tourist brochures and the online listings of villas for sale in Sotogrande, it might seem that this sought-after residential development in Andalucia really is unspeakably idyllic. And Sotogrande can certainly be a hugely rewarding part of the world in which to live with your sweetheart after you retire – many retiring couples having completed this transition successfully.

But it is also true that nowhere in the world is so idyllic and beautiful, that it will overcome pre-existing problems in your relationship.

In particular, you need to make sure the two of you really are super committed to making this move, and that it isn’t simply a case of one of you being extremely enthusiastic about the notion of relocating to Sotogrande, and the other person just ‘going along with it’.

One-sided situations like the above are all too common, and simply living by the seaside, in a gorgeous sunny setting, won’t compensate for any such areas of friction in your own relationship. In fact, the stress of trying to move overseas can even hasten the end of many such relationships.

Spain can be cheaper than other places, but not necessarily affordable for everyone

One factor that has long led to many retiring couples choosing to do so in Spain, is this southwestern European country’s reputation for relative affordability compared to many other parts of the world.

And that perception still holds true. But it’s also true that the cost-of-living crisis that is affecting people around the globe right now, is very much impacting on the lives of people in Spain, too.

The country simply isn’t as cheap as it might have been years ago. So, if you previously set aside a certain amount of money with which to retire here, you might have to look again at your resources and likely costs, and consider whether you will still be able to enjoy the retirement lifestyle that you would desire and expect in the event of moving to Sotogrande.

There can be some serious paperwork and bureaucracy involved in moving here

Here’s another reason why, if you are considering retiring to Sotogrande, you need to be sure that you really do want to retire to Sotogrande: the bureaucratic system in Spain can be slow and grinding, and the COVID-19-related pressures on that system in recent years have hardly helped.

Yes, the initial submission of your visa application for Spain may seem to go smoothly enough, not least given that you won’t be contending with a language barrier at that stage. But there will also be a lot of paperwork to deal with once you get into Spain, and you will need to be practically and psychologically prepared for that.

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