Will Sotogrande property prices drop?


Will Sotogrande property prices drop?

Amid the current global uncertainty – both economically and geopolitically – it is understandable that you may be wondering what the picture is presently looking like for the prices of houses, apartments, and villas for sale in Sotogrande or other parts of Spain.

And there’s no doubt that the picture has become more complicated in many ways, in a relatively short space of time. As recently as the summer just gone, a strategy report and property-market forecast for 2022 and 2023 from the Spanish financial services company Bankinter was still estimating that Spanish property prices would go up by 1% during 2022, and rise by a further 1% next year. This compares to the 6.4% increase that was recorded for 2021.

More recently, however, the same source has modified its outlook, suggesting that 2023 will actually see a 3% decline in property prices across Spain. The market is also expected to fall by 2% during the year after that, compared to a previous forecast of 0%.

There is a difference, however, between the situations in Sotogrande and Spain as a whole

So, there is plentiful evidence of a general slowdown in the prices that property in Spain commands. It is also crucial to acknowledge, though, that there is quite the difference between the various highly desirable houses, apartments, and villas for sale in Sotogrande, and the situation for residential property in many other areas of the country.

Sotogrande, however, is a highly exclusive Andalucian residential development that has long been sought-after for reasons going well beyond property-price appreciation. With its picturesque landscapes, excellent sporting and leisure amenities, superb gastronomy, and much more, Sotogrande offers the reward of a lifestyle that is ‘rich’ in more ways than one.

Plus, the prices of Sotogrande property have long remained robust even during previous times of economic slowdown, such as the late 2000s economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. So, even if you have recently noted the changed situation for property in Spain as a whole, it might not be wise to bet on Sotogrande property prices also dropping. And even if they do, they might not stay down for long enough to make any significant difference to your plans.

This, though, underlines something else that ought to be acknowledged about property in Sotogrande: when it comes to sound investments, there might be very few as sound as the in-demand and high-specification homes you will find in this sun-drenched part of Europe.

The historical tendency has been for Sotogrande property to generally go up… and up… and up, in price. And with our own website here at Property Sotogrande bringing together listings from several of the most trusted estate agencies serving this area of the Costa del Sol, you would be hard-pressed to find a better place to keep track of the latest property-price movements in Sotogrande.

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